Taxation of Canadians in America:
Are YOU at risk?
By Dale Walters, CPA, PFS, CFP®
With Sally Taylor, CPA, PFS, MSFP, CFP® and David Levine, CA, CPA

Dale Walters
Mr. Dale Walters

Taxation of Canadians in America is the only book entirely dedicated to the unique tax issues Canadians face when living in the US. This book will attempt to address most of the US tax and estate planning issues faced by Canadians living in the US.

We at KeatsConnelly, estimate that over 1 million Canadians file tax returns in the US and up to another 1 million should be filing, but don't. Because of the enormous complexity of the tax laws, many of those Canadians living and filing tax returns in the US have a number of mistakes that could be very costly if discovered by the IRS. Of those that do not file, but should, we find the main reason is that they do not fully understand the US residency requirements and therefore the requirement to file US tax returns.

KeatsConnelly is the largest and most experienced cross-border wealth management firm in North America that specializes in helping Canadians and Americans realize their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle. KeatsConnelly was started in 1990 and has over 35 employees, with offices in Phoenix, Arizona, Boynton Beach, Florida, and Calgary, Alberta.

Cross Border Tax & Accounting is a wholly owned subsidiary of KeatsConnelly that specializes in tax planning and preparation for Canadian and US citizens, who live, work or conduct business across the US Canada border. A team of Canadian Chartered Accountants and US Certified Public Accountants prepare all types of US and Canadian tax returns.

The cumulative expertise and experience of the professionals at KeatsConnelly and Cross Border Tax & Accounting was drawn upon in writing this book.